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Dd 1351-2c Form: What You Should Know

NOTES ON FORM 1351-2: a. In the event that the travel voucher is to be used in conjunction with a vacation (or similar) allowance, the vacation allowance on the form must be paid in advance. If no vacation allowance is payable from the DOD travel voucher prior to travel, a separate travel voucher should be used to cover this amount. b. Prior to the end of the trip, any unused portion of the vacation allowance should be paid back to the authorized use of the travel voucher. c. The number of meals allowed per individual should reflect the individual's actual meal requirements and may not exceed the number of meals actually purchased. d. The number of meals per individual may not exceed 40 unless authorized by the authorized officer. 6. TRAVEL VOCABULARY. For travel voucher travel, a travel voucher is an opportunity to acquire the financial protection normally provided by a government travel voucher from an alternative source including, but not limited to, nonresident tuition, military dependent programs, and the purchase of meals at non-profit, non-governmental schools in a military or government compound (or similar location) in Puerto Rico under the Military Housing Privatization Program to include but not limited to, rent/mortgage and utilities. The U.S. military cannot provide military housing or meals to any individual for free but will provide the cost of the accommodations as well as reasonable meals upon the request of the authorized use of the travel voucher. To obtain a travel voucher or for any questions on the rules and regulations relating to travel vouchers or the Military Housing Privatization Program, call or contact the GSA Military Housing Program at. Additional assistance may be obtained by emailing the Vending Hotline at vending.hotline.mil. (Continuation Sheet). 7. PAYMENT. 1. GENERAL. The authorized use of the travel voucher shall be made by: (a) Check or Money Order signed by the authorized use of the travel voucher and the recipient; or (b) Credit Card or VISA Credit Card. The authorized use of the travel voucher shall be at the option of the authorized person only and shall not be a personal or party benefit, or the benefit of any company or organization, nor shall it confer any right of entitlement, present, or future. (Continuation Sheet). 2.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Dd 1351-2c

Instructions and Help about Dd 1351-2c

Music, welcome to the e-tutorial video on how to complete an enroute travel DD form 1350 1-2 for civilian relocation. This is part 2, focusing on blocks 15 through 20. Before we begin, please ensure that you are using the most current version of the form, dated May 2011. Previous versions are no longer accepted. You can find the date at the bottom left corner of the form. The first video, part 1 of the enroute travel series, explained the first 14 blocks of the DD 1350 1-2. In this video, we will explain the remaining blocks that need to be completed. Let's consider an example scenario: John Doe will be traveling with his wife and daughter from Columbus, Ohio to Rome, New York. He will be seeking an enroute travel entitlement. Block 15 will contain the complete chronological itinerary. In the top column, where it reads "date", enter the year of travel. Below that, on the left side of the DEP or departure, and ARR or arrival rows, enter each month and day of travel corresponding to your departure and arrival dates. If you choose to fly to your new duty station, you will need to review block 28 of your DD 1614 form, also known as your travel orders. This will determine if your tickets are authorized to be purchased through a centrally billed account (CBA) or an individually built account (IBA). Only CBA or IBA will be authorized. If both are listed in block 28, you will need an amendment from your Human Resources office. If you are authorized to use an IBA and seek reimbursement, indicate the amount of airfare and agent fee in block 18 of the DD 1351-2 form. Include your flying itinerary with your voucher submission. If your dependents are traveling separately, complete...