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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing dd form 1351 2 reimbursable expenses

Instructions and Help about dd form 1351 2 reimbursable expenses

Hello and welcome to this tutorial video on how to submit and check the status of your travel voucher the easiest and most secure way to submit your travel voucher is with travel voucher direct travel voucher direct can be accessed from the defense Finance and Accounting Services website DFAS stop mail by selecting either the military members or civilian employees options from the home screen travel voucher direct can be found under travel pay click this link to access tribal voucher direct to submit your voucher clicking on submit the ticket under the subcategories menu select your type of travel in order to submit your voucher you must first fill out this form begin with your name then enter and confirm your email address enter a passcode in the passcode field pass codes can be 4 to 40 characters long and can have letters numbers and/or special characters but cannot contain your email address or name pass codes are for submission purposes only you will not need this pass code in the future upload your voucher orders with all amendments receipts and other paperwork in the attachments section click the Browse button to find your file locate your file and click open you can upload one file at a time up to 10 files total with a size limit of 35 total megabytes once you've uploaded all the files required for your claim click upload attachments then click Submit your voucher has been submitted and you will receive a confirmation email shortly once submitted please allow two business days before checking the status of your voucher the easiest way to check the status of your voucher is through the online status tool on our website by selecting either the military members or civilian employees options from the home screen the online status tool can be found in the travel pay menu under check voucher status click the graphic to access the online status tool if you're using an older browser click the link below the graphic in order to look up a voucher status you will need the Travel Authorization or travel order number and the first four letters of the travelers last name your travel authorization or order number can be found in block 8 on your DD 1350 1-2 travel voucher or on your orders in block 22 of your DD 1610 or block 25 of your DD 1614 if you'd like to receive automatic email updates check the box at the bottom of the form then enter and confirm your email address once the form is complete click Submit the results are then shown the payment process step your voucher is in is then highlighted your travel dates are shown here additional information and what to expect next is shown here if you have more than one payment under that authorization or travel order number you can click here to see the status of the other payments please let us know if all your payment.