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Dd 1351-2 example Form: What You Should Know

All items of reimbursable expenses for travel are paid for using this travel voucher (DD Form 1351-2) issued by the United States Department of Defense (USAID). The Travel voucher is made from the Travel account(s), (if a Military Travel account has a balance, this is referred to as “Payable Travel Credit”). These authorized travel credits can be used for travel or for other purposes. Travel funds are not required to be applied to a specific travel voucher number or to the total of an individual's travel credit balance. The amount of Travel Funds that can be applied to a travel voucher varies, depending on the account or travel account number.  A travel voucher must consist of a travel voucher with all required travel vouchers and a travel voucher, receipt card or invoice for services rendered. The travel voucher must, when issued, be in the possession of the military personnel to whom they refer, and must be presented upon their request. When the travel voucher is presented, the military person must complete and return the required portions of the DD Form 1351-2 to the GCC contractor for payment to the travel voucher issuer.  Travel voucher holders are responsible for ensuring that the vouchers they are issued contain sufficient funds to cover all such costs as listed on the voucher and any additional amount due other than any amount required to be deducted as a charge from the Travel Credit.  For the purposes of this travel voucher guide there are two types of travel vouchers, Travel Vouchers: 1) Travel Vouchers issued by U.S. Department of Defense contractors and 2) Travel Vouchers issued by the GCC contractor to the holder. The following list contains a summary of all voucher types for military individuals and their travel account numbers as issued by their respective U.S. Department of Defense contracting agencies. However, any travel vouchers not listed below are to be submitted for processing for the same reasons as the others mentioned above. Military vouchers not included in the menu are in the menu on the left. Travel vouchers 1)issued by U.S. Government contractors, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard 2)issued by the GCC contractor 3)issued by Air Force 4)issued by Army 5)issued by Naval Force 6)issued by Navy 7)issued by Coast Guard  Military personnel should review the requirements outlined below for traveling in the United States using United States Government contractors.

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Instructions and Help about Dd Form 1351-2 example

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