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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing travel voucher example

Instructions and Help about travel voucher example

Hi guys it's to eat from residi here today what we're going to look at is claiming vouchers using the csv file input so it's really easy so we'll go over the process today and i'll show you how it's all done we'll also look at how to input just one voucher and also claim that voucher as well so what you want to do is you first want to create an Excel document with those vouchers so here's one that I've created earlier please be aware that when creating these vouchers in Excel that you want to ensure that the headings are correct so the first one should be voucher and then hash so voucher number then the quantity should come under QT why then we've got the travel date as well and then we also have the ticket number please be aware that we want the formatting for the travel date to look as it does in this example we want to have one to iPhone december iphone and bend a day so also please be aware this is optional if you're using the voucher number so this must be in this format if using the ticket number though so if you're using the ticket number we need this format it's only optional if you're using the voucher number as well so I could easily get rid of these two and the ticket number is also optional as well then once you've completed putting that CSV file or that excel file or that spreadsheet together what you want to do is go to CMS website travel so I'm going to click on CMS website travel then what you want to do is you want to look at claiming these vouchers it simply just amount of clicking on my claims and then going into claim vouchers from here is where we upload our vouchers to claim so all we need to do is simply find that excel file that we've created on our machine and go ahead and upload that so what I do is I click on upload vouchers and I'll go and click browse now what I'm going to do is I'm going to come in and find that excel file that I've created here it is here click open and then what you'll see here is you get error messages down the bottom as this little key tells you if it's green the vouchers are being claimed successfully and ready to be invoiced if it's orange the vouchers are claims and you need to wait to travel date to invoice and read vouchers not claimed and then what happens is you'll get some information down the bottom explaining what the issue is so in these examples the following voucher ticket numbers are invalid and can't be claimed so these are the two ones that I created because they're not actual vouchers they're just ones that I made up hence the fact we have those errors.