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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Travel voucher example

Instructions and Help about Travel voucher example

Hi guys it's to eat from residi here today what we're going to look at is claiming vouchers using the csv file input so it's really easy so we'll go over the process today and i'll show you how it's all done we'll also look at how to input just one voucher and also claim that voucher as well so what you want to do is you first want to create an Excel document with those vouchers so here's one that I've created earlier please be aware that when creating these vouchers in Excel that you want to ensure that the headings are correct so the first one should be voucher and then hash so voucher number then the quantity should come under QT why then we've got the travel date as well and then we also have the ticket number please be aware that we want the formatting for the travel date to look as it does in this example we want to have one to iPhone december iphone and bend a day so also please be aware this is optional if you're using the voucher number so this must be in this format if using the ticket number though so if you're using the ticket number we need this format it's only optional if you're using the voucher number as well so I could easily get rid of these two and the ticket number is also optional as well then once you've completed putting that CSV file or that excel file or that spreadsheet together what you want to do is go to CMS website travel so I'm going to click on CMS website travel then what you want to do is you want to look at claiming these vouchers it simply just amount of clicking on my claims and then going into claim vouchers from here is where we upload our vouchers to claim so all we need to do is simply find that excel file that we've created on our machine and go ahead and upload that so what I do is I click on upload vouchers and I'll go and click browse now what I'm going to do is I'm going to come in and find that excel file that I've created here it is here click open and then what you'll see here is you get error messages down the bottom as this little key tells you if it's green the vouchers are being claimed successfully and ready to be invoiced if it's orange the vouchers are claims and you need to wait to travel date to invoice and read vouchers not claimed and then what happens is you'll get some information down the bottom explaining what the issue is so in these examples the following voucher ticket numbers are invalid and can't be claimed so these are the two ones that I created because they're not actual vouchers they're just ones that I made up hence the fact we have those errors.


How do I deal with rude flight attendants?
Last time I flew in an airline -I won’t name,the flight attendant forgot to get me my meal. By the time the trolley reached me, the non-vegetarian meal rack was empty. I was told that they will get me the meal in 5 minutes, I told them even if it’s a vegetarian meal it’s fine. It wasn’t really an issue for me as I don’t like troubling them but they insisted that they have more fish packs and they will get me one.My wait was for half an hour, with them avoiding me,avoiding my call and not even looking at me. They didn’t even get me water. I got pissed. I literally raised my voice the next time with an “Excuse me, are you deaf?” and the flight attendant was like, “yes,mam can I get you something?” and my soft reply was,”YES! Your complaint book and it should not take half an hour, I want it right now.”That led to some prompt working and them apologizing for some 15 times in next 15 minutes, they offered me meals (which I refused) and goodies (I refused them as well) and as I didn’t accept their peace offering or apology, in the end, after our landing the ground staff met me and after another series of apologies they refunded my ticket.It’s not about the food,it’s about their non-caring attitude. I have paid for that seat and that meal with hard earned money. If one form of meal is not there, I understand it’s not their fault but if they refuse to get me any meal then I can get nasty as well.So, asking for the complaint book work wonders, do it the next time they harass you.PS I am not proud of what I did but it was needed.
How can I get people to fill out my travel survey for a marketing research project?
(Disclaimer: I work for a market research company called Marketest)If you want to find out what your potential customers think of your business idea (and if they would be willing to pay for it) then you would use quantitative research.You can reach out your audience with us within 10 days (or less, it depends on the specificity of your project). Prices depend on the no. of questions and no. of respondents, but we offer the cheapest prices because we primarily works with start-uppers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, PhD researchers and students.If it is of your interest, feel free to drop me an email at b.diflumeri@marketest.co.uk or take a free quote with us.Hope to be helpful :)
Whose duty is to fill voucher in Indian banks?
Indeed a tricky question …. frustrated bank employee will definitely say it is customer job to fill and find his way to work done…Anyway i dont want to give a direct answer just by saying yes or no• i have few lines to express my views on this and you will realise what i trying to point out…Our own Gandhiji once said about customers in his speech….“A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption of our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider of our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so.”So , if customer dont visit my bank then how will i survive. How will i feed my stomach.Yes indeed i have seen in so many banks that staffs refuse to fill the challan of customer. But i sware we never made any practice of not helping any customer. HNI (high networth individuals) seeks personal attention and they never fills their forms becoz they expects special attention as they are providing enough buisiness to branch. So y cant staffs prthe same service to other customers.As a human being staffs go through different moods but that should never get reflected in the banking atmosphere, before joining bank u should learn the art of pretending i.e. u should keep a smile all time while sitting in branch.If you are enough educated and u are capable of getting your forms filled then i suggest to do it by youself rather than asking for staffs help. At the same time if you ask the staff to fill your form then iam sure staff would never refuse to do it.Get your doubts cleared , no resteictions in banks for asking any kind of questions. As i mentioned nowdays nationalised banks are closely monitoring their staffs therefore customer service is upmost priority for any banks.
How would you make a good travel voucher?
Tight Validity LimitThis is probably the oldest voucher gotcha in the book.A cruise line promises a huge discount or even a “free” future cruise, but you have to use the discount within six months. Clearly, a lot of travelers are uninterested in or unable to schedule a second cruise within that short a time. Many occasional travelers aren’t interested in a trip that quickly.
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