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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing travel claim usmc

Instructions and Help about travel claim usmc

Hello I'm going to be Sergeant Shahi in this video we will pryou with the guidance for using the government charge card during your PCs travel we will do this by walking you through the steps associated with the process the first step is when a marine gets notification that they have orders resident and Malay no lie good morning on your side hey good morning Manar just called instead of those orders you wanted are out marina online I wanted orders yeah why don't you go ahead and log into marina online and pull up your web borders to see I got orders to Twentynine Palms Congrats on your new orders marine you're gonna love it there but Gunny I just bought new uniforms how am I supposed to PC us without any money you have a gun recharge card right I do it's in my room listen marine you're going to use your gum a charge card for all your permanent change of station expenses all you have to do is log in and read online and do the interview process during the interview process it's going to ask you whether or not you're a government charge card holder simply check yes your cards going to be activated within 10 days prior to you detaching since you're already logged in to read online why'd you go ahead start the interview process they said it was personal info yes go right here's a personal info and then down to personal updates and then start outbound interview okay here's the question you were talking about do you have a government travel charge card yes well that was easy there you go marine once you go ahead and head over to admin and start your checking out process good ego Gunny by completing her interview process on maligne online Sergeant Beck has started her government charge card process after watching this scene we now know that upon notification of your orders resident in mo L you must select the personal information tab select the personal update tab select outbound interview start question-and-answer section select YES for government charge card question this interview can be done at home by using your username and password in mo L 10 days prior to the approved to test date from your own permanent duty station the Marines credit limit will be established on the city commercial card link if credit limit is not established contact the agency program coordinator the next step in the process is when a Marine goes to the administrative section to pick up their first endorsement of their orders prior to attaching their old permit duty hey get more brain good morning Josie thank you got some orders for you okay go ahead and take a look at this endorsement let me know if you see any mistakes I don't give any questions still going to 29 Tom's you love those orders um what's this number right here all.