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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Usar form 24-r

Instructions and Help about Usar form 24-r

Hello we can welcome to our training series we'll be going over in the next several videos how to approach tie between for what is tile 24 why do we call it that and how to fill out lighting forms for tile 24 compliance so the first thing I want to talk about is what is titled 24 there's a bit of a misnomer with this name because tile 24 encompasses a lot of things child 24 is a term for a set of documents that the government has released and it includes many parts there's electrical code which is a part - there's residential code part 2.5 fire code you probably have heard the word Cal Green which is the California green green building standards that's a part 11 and there's also the California energy and efficiency standards code which is part six and under that there's also you know an envelope and HVAC and lighting and solar and power and all sorts of different parts so a lot of times in the industry people shortcut straight through and call the lighting portion of part six of title 24 dress tile 24 which can be confusing since title 24 includes say the building code and electrical code and fire code but what they're really referring to is specifically part 6 and oftentimes the lighting portion of part 6 if this is confusing I have a little comparison here you can think of this as calling Labradors which is the type of dog mammals because you know you have all these different types of mammals including dogs and then you have all these different type of dogs so even though it's called title 24 it's you know title 24 encompasses a lot of things and we're really referring to the energy code and the energy code includes add up a couple different things it includes power density calculations which you know are pretty universal even if you're not in California even if you're in other state you probably have Ashley 90.1 or other standards that require you to document your power density that is to say your watts per square foot that you're using for lighting and there's also filling out forms so you can do this a number of different ways and in these videos we will be using the software the software Revit Bluebeam Excel and Energy Pro to complete these forms you do not need to have all of these programs to complete them you can you can count your fixtures by hand you can use Excel there's a number of different ways to do this but we're going to go over how to leverage programs that you probably already have without having to rely on an energy modeler to complete your forms for you so there's a couple of different ways to calculate the power density there's prescriptive method and performance method now if you're watching this you're probably a lighting designer or an electrical.


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Why doesn't the US Army use stealth technology on its Apache attack helicopters and M1 Abrams main battle tanks?
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