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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing smart voucher

Instructions and Help about smart voucher

Everyone welcome back to DTS videos I'm step starting Davenport I'm gonna be walking you through how to do a 90 i DT voucher so the importance of IDT vouchers are for those soldiers who travel and this is within my command at least over 150 miles in order to attend a battle assembly or rst and so what I DT does is it reimburses those soldiers who live over 150 miles up to $300 and that's in the form of paying for gasoline paying for a hotel maybe if they drove they stayed the night to drive to get here or if they flew to get here or if they got a rental car so several different options for how they got to battle assembly but as long as they live of a hut over 150 miles they are and again this is my command regulation your command may have different regulation they're allowed to have up to 300 dollars of reimbursement and so the way that we do this and it's probably be a two-part video is similar to starting an authorization that you will go to official travel what you do instead of going to authorizations of course is you're gonna go to what is local vouchers so we're gonna click on that you should come to something that looks similar again to your authorizations page it's gonna show you if you've had any ID tea forms what they look like here and so I have some soldiers who are able to do their own IDT forms because it's extremely simple they might not be able to do authorizations but they're pretty familiar with IDT because it takes a lot less work to do so we're gonna go ahead and start create a new local voucher you're gonna want to select the date that was for battle assembly so do it the day after battle assembly I think so if you do it maybe on the Sunday you could do it do it for the Saturday that your battle assembly that would be okay just make sure you put in because I don't think so if we try to do it for today let's hit okay okay it does let us do today but I think it just doesn't let you do a day in the future let's check that out so I've put in the 28th let's see if that works yeah local voucher cannot date cannot be greater than today's date so we'll put in today's date click ok so now what are you going to do is you're going to notice up top it looks very similar expense is accounting and digital options review and sign it doesn't have the itinerary and the travel and all of those things right because it's just go straight into expenses and it wants you to put in that information expenses is what we care about that's really the only things we have to focus on so.